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Activities on Sanday

Sanday Tours

Guests wishing to dine out may take advantage of our reasonably priced Taxi service to and from the village pubs 01857 600410.

Sanday Tours whether its local history or wildlife your interested in we can tailor a tour for you. For example, these may include excursions such as:

  • To explore the relics of world war 2
  • Viking and other archaeological sites
  • Legends, folk-tales and place names.



Sanday has mostly flat and quiet roads ideal for family cycling and/ or walking holidays.
Recently, a number of walks have been added to Orkney’s ‘core footpath network’. Backaskaill, Scar, Scuthvie, Tresness and Whitemill – every name of Viking origin – all are places on some of the eight different routes. 

All of these walks have been thoroughly well planned; there are stiles to help you over the fences, and unobtrusive signs to reassure that you’re still on the route. Walkers may collect a copy of the illustrated ‘Walking Guide’ to the island from Ayres Rock



No permit required in all Sanday Lochs. North and Bea Lochs, neither of which could provide the quantity of fish compared to the mainland, but either could provide the persistent angler with the wild brown trout of a life time, adding a new dimension to their angling experience of Orkney The lochs of Bea and North on Sanday are quite similar in both size and shape; both are roughly bowl shaped, maybe 6 or 7 feet at their deepest. The west side on both lochs is hard with the shore made up of small boulders and shingle, the east sides on the two lochs are sandy/silt and much softer and definitely featureless, with North Loch having the appearance of a beach in Spain at some parts.

Bird Watching

Curlew Sandpiper 1

The long, low rocky shoreline and endless sandy beaches are hugely attractive to wading birds and marine mammals.

Purple sandpipers, Bar-tailed godwits, Dunlin and Sanderling are abundant through the winter; and in summer you’re never far from the plaintive ‘peep’ of a Ringed plover.

Inland, too, there’s the constant backdrop of bird songs and calls. Lapwing and Skylark have all but disappeared in southern Britain; these, along with Oystercatchers, Redshank, Curlew, Arctic tern, gulls, sometimes even a Corncrake –

Also available....


Two large harbors and three safe Loch’s and a great coast line to follow


Three safe Lochs, or for the more experienced, on the sea. Enthusiasts will find a beach to suit any wind direction!


Quickly rising in popularity, the colourful kites can be seen soaring above the bays.


Cata Sands and the Peedie sea are vast sand beaches ideal for buggies with sails or kites


Sanday golfers believe club fees are the lowest in the kingdom. Enjoy the islands charming 9 hole course.